The Remission Project

REMISSION: a long-term research project on Research into Mathematical modelling of Multiple Sclerosis and its vascular connection

Professor Eleuterio Toro

(First version: 7th October 2011; last update: 2nd September 2012)

This long-term research project, funded from various sources,  is concerned with a theoretical study of the potential connection between the venous anomaly called CCSVI (for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency, discovered by the Italian medical researcher Paolo Zamboni)  and Multiple Sclerosis.


Research team: Prof. E F Toro (principal investigator), Lucas Mueller (PhD student), Gino Montecinos (PhD student), Laura Facchini (PhD student), Alfonso Caiazzo (Post-Doctoral fellow).

Related collaborators: Prof. Alberto Bellin (Trento); Prof. Renzo Antolini (Trento); Prof. Michael Dumbser (Trento); Prof. Vincenzo Casulli (Trento); Dr. Annunziato Siviglia (Trento); Prof. Mark Haacke (Detroit), Prof. Paolo Zamboni (Ferrara).


Vascular Theory of Multiple Sclerosis and Mathematics

Recent advances in the vascular theory of Multiple Sclerosis opens up a huge and very challenging field of research for applied and computational mathematicians. In the long-term this very timely research programme aims at constructing a Human Circulation Simulator to theoretically study and discern the controversial hypothesis that anomalous venous blood from the central nervous system leads ultimately to the onset of this disabling so far incurable disease.

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