CONFERENCE | NumHyp 2021 (26-30 July 2021)

7th International Conference on Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Problems

This conference is dedicated to the 75th birthday of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Eleuterio F. Toro OBE.

Scientific committee

Emmanuel Audusse University of Paris 13, France
Christophe Berthon University of Nantes, France
Mária Lukácová-Medvidová University of Mainz, Germany
Pep Mulet University of Valencia, Spain
Sebastian Noelle RWTH Aachen, Germany
Carlos Parés University of Málaga, Spain
Gabriella Puppo University La Sapienza, Italy
Giovanni Russo University of Catania, Italy

Organising committee

Michael Dumbser, Saray Busto, Ilya Peshkov,
Simone Chiocchetti, Laura del Río

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